One’s overall fitness program could be made up of 3 distinct components; cardio, nutrition and resistance training. The best thing that someone can do to get immediate results is to focus on all three of those phases appropriately and at the same time.

Cardio training, do a half hour daily of cardio at the THR (target heart rate); (220 – your age) x 75% = THR. This cardio will effectively lower your unwanted body weight thus dropping overall body fat percentage and increasing your metabolic heart rate. This in turn will allow you to build more muscle too.FullSizeRender

Nutrition, eat every 4-5hours daily. Avoid sugar, salt, fried food, dairy and alcohol content. Eat your target body weight in protein per day from high quality and varied protein sources such as eggs, chicken breast, turkey breast, lean steak and peas. A daily post workout protein shake can be added to supplement your nutrition in order to get in your daily target amount of protein.

(PS, it’s okay to have a cheat meal once a week. I suggest Saturday evenings. And for those who enjoy an occasionally beverage, try to go 8-12weeks without one. You will see your body fat decrease a good amount more efficiently during that time. It’s not as long as you think, and worth the results!)

Resistance training, 4-5x per week for one hour each of those days. Be efficient and productive, keeping rest intervals shortened. I would suggest doing super sets and drop sets to keep your workouts fun, challenging and moderately intense. Use medium weight, 70% of 1RM (one rep max strength) and do sets of 15-20reps. Get in the VOLUME (sets x reps)! This will allow you to have a cardio intensive workout, further burning body fat, yet building strength and lean muscle.

AB Workout Routine

Circuit 1

Bicycle crunches

Leg lifts

Planks (30 second holds)

Circuit 2

Dynamic Side planks

V crunches

Dynamic Supermans

Circuit 3

Mountain Climbers

Russian Twists with a dumbbell

Plank to Push Ups

Kareem Joshua