In the fall of 2016, nine men were able to join the New York Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.  Out of the many that were interested, they were chosen not only for their strengths and how well they work together, but for the future for the chapter.

Each member possessed unique qualities that the Polemarch, Vice Polemarch, and other chapter leaders saw in them.  They all displayed great leadership skills which helped them accomplish tasks for the good of the chapter in an impressive fashion.

One thing that is very powerful about this new intake of membership is their youth.  A group of 9 young men means that the chapter can take a turn in a different, yet still progressive, direction.  It gives the ability to not only partner with other chapters with youthful members, but bring an expanded connection with the community.

When it comes to KappaLand, each brother is focused on doing work to better the community and others.
For example, Brother Simms is a perfect fit to be a part of the fundraising committee as he runs his own promotional brand with a team of hard workers. He is a great asset for the chapter to grow revenue for events and other services.
Brother Rossi deals with real estate and has great knowledge to handle house affairs. He can be the future house chair and caretaker for the historic Kappa Kastle.

Brother Kelly is a part of several organizations and also works for one that helps mentor kids. This past thanksgiving, he was driving around giving out turkeys for people that could not afford it.

Brother Patrick, Peele, Fils-Aime, St Louis Jean, and Finerson all work great with children. Guide Right is an important National program and these men deeply care for the wellbeing of the young men of this city. Brother Rossi is already involved in a guide right program called that Kappa Leadership Club at the Harlem Link Charter school .

Brother Finerson is already apart of Kappa Leauge as well. He is also one of the youth leaders at the church and a tutor at school.

Brother George in particular has a passion for computers. He aspires to one day take over for the NYA Chapter website and Mobile Apps on IOS and Android to help promote the social media aspect of the chapter.

Brother Peele works in the Aerospace field and hopes to bring his passion for engineering to the chapter’s expanding youth mentorship endeavors.