I became a Senior Kappa in 2012 when my days of youth faded to a memory as I celebrated my 65th Birthday. Of course, with thanks to the leadership of Brother John Stewart and the support of Grand Polemarch Thomas Battles- that “come to Jesus moment” is now age 60. Gloriousky!

I served the United States of America as a member of the Air Force Reserves and National Guard for 38 years, retiring in 2007. I was most proud wearing my uniform, making my very public statement about my interests and my feelings. I am very much the same wearing my white blazer and when I was adorned in Crimson. I understand my Senior Jacket is a symbol of faithful service to an outstanding organization serving the our community and this nation l

Looking at the entire community of New York Alumni— Seniors are an extremely vital factor in the continued quest for excellence. Many of us are retired after successful and influential corporate, governmental, entrepreneurial, and professional careers. We are individuals of accumulated resources—including knowledge, understanding, opinions- and yes leadership. NYA has experienced peaks and valleys since our chartering 80 years ago. We continue to peak today, but like the 2008 stock market, bad times are only a few unkind Wall Street trading days removed from oblivion.

Needless to say, we are experiencing a national change of mood that runs counter to the efforts of the goals of civil rights, and yes, civility and public responsibility. Kappas, with Seniors at the “ tip of the spear” need to set the example for every citizen to follow. It won’t happen without teamwork and each of us doing our part and dedicating our efforts to Phi Nu Pi. Remember that Seniors Kappas- regardless of whether they have become 50 year Brothers and wear the White Jacket appreciate the respect and kindness of all brothers—but I think that it more important that all brothers recognize the contributions to the “ Good of Kappa” are still being made by them. I propose that we clearly define our “ Core Values” and live by them. All of us in the Bond.

I love being a Nupe and have enjoyed my 50 years of service to a great bunch of men. I am extremely proud to see the growth of organizational character of NYA and pray we continue to march along this path. Now—be sure your dues are paid and help out where you can!

Op Ed by Brother Terrance Holliday
NYA Senior Kappa Affairs Chairman