I enjoy interacting with younger Nupes—sharing opinions on all things fraternal, political, sports, societal among other things. Our after- meeting collations with a few libations and something interesting on the television, with out a doubt, broadens the limits of our discussions. While I love the discussions, there are subtle nuances that separate us due to our and our life experiences.

Kappa Alpha Psi has multiple meanings to all of us. I guess some of it is due to the roots of the differences in the manner that we joined the bond of Phi Nu Pi. I “pledged “in the summer of 1967 during the hey- day of Kings and Queens of MOTOWN. That was half a century— 5 Score + ago. Aside from the obvious, there were many significant differences such as the absence of Smart Phones; PC’s, laptops, Social Media, ATMs, Internet— You get my meaning?

I graduated from St. John’s University in June 1968 and left for my active duty training tour with the US Air Force at Lackland Military Training Center about 10 days later. That was my graduation celebration. President Lyndon B. Johnson, a Texas Democrat, signed the 1964 Civil Rights Bill and later the 1965 Voting Rights Act. I was in Mississippi and George Wallace—(Segregation now and forever) was making a strong run as a Third-Party candidate for President. Vietnam was really starting to stoke up waking up America with the Tet Offensive. So now you think it’s tough in 2018!

Kappa Alpha Psi has been one of the “Core Values” in my life. Our Founders’ had it right in 1911. African – Americans would have never had the opportunity to bond together in “Greek Letter “organizations then, if it were not for their dedication. We have an obligation to pass this healthy legacy on to future members of our beloved Kappa.

I remember visiting NYA meetings as a member of Omicron Chapter. We thought we had the answers to “all things Kappa “. We did not then. Life is really complicated today. Supporting NYA and the Kappa Kastle, while handling the personal and professional challenges everyone faces is daunting. We must all pull the oars in the boat in unison to achieve success and be strong leaders- individually and organizationally. Talk to—Don’t patronize Seniors. We’ve been there!

Please be sure to vote in these important mid-term elections and encourage everyone you know to do so, as well. I had an interesting moment in the past NYS Democratic primary. The day prior to the election, I tried to intervene in a very minor traffic “kerfuffle “- as Judge Judy would say. I proposed a very practical solution, but one driver turned out to be arrogant and immovable. I was able to resolve it without incident. The offending driver was a candidate in this election. I think this resulted in many negative votes from constituents who were not considering voting. The opponent won. Every VOTER is important! Phi nu pi !

Terrance C. Holliday, Omicron , 1967
Chairman, NYA Sennior Kappa Affairs