Terrance Holliday, Chairman, Omicron 1967

I am pleased to continue serving New York Alumni leading the SENIOR Kappa Affairs Committee for the Fraternal Year of 2017-2018. All brothers should have an understanding that this is a committee serving the needs and continued ambitions of SENIOR brothers on behalf of NYA, IHQ, and NEP. That is to say that our SKAC requires the involvement of all BROTHERS contributing Time, Talent and Treasures towards a successful fraternal year. This is not a committee of aged brothers without means who need your compassion and assistance. SENIORS bring a great deal to the table and should be regarded as major players in the affairs of NYA and the fraternity.

I have served in this capacity for about 10 years with a brief period when I was not able to do so, due to my appointment as Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Veterans’ Affairs during the Bloomberg administration. During this time, I spent a great deal of time at the side of many of our SENIORS, many of who have transitioned to the Golden Shores. Many of these brothers were vital to the survival and success of NYA. With the wise direction of BROTHERS Oliver Parson, Fernley Murray, Albert Oliver, Adolph Barber, Gene Brown, Ernest Dimitri, Thomas Roberts and many others, NYA survived 8 decades in a turbulent national and local environment. Our institutional success it closely influenced by the personal ties of Senior Brothers to our chapters leaders of today. That includes our current roster of Seniors- Ted Andersen, George White and others to include BROTHERS Jim Moore, Hwesu Murray.

NYA SKAC will be planning 3-5 events

  • NYA 3rd Annual Memorial Ceremony – embedded in Rededication Ceremony- February 24th TBD ( Brothers Andrew Johnson and Tremaine Ffriend )
  • Senior Kappa Week Monday 14 May through 20 May 2017. Events will include a church visit and a SENIOR Luncheon –both will be held on Sunday 20 May 2017 at the Kappa Kastle. Other events will be developed for that week.
  • Belmont Raceway Luncheon, September 2018 Date TBD. Fundraiser to support SKAC activities and assist with NYA current needs. Cost TBD.

BROTHERS Guy Deveaux, Shamel Duncan, Sean Carswell, Mike Hatcher, Leroy Barr Jr, Ted Andersen, Greg Thomas, Conrad Carty and Willie Williams have also volunteered to serve on the NYA/ SKAC. Brothers Hatcher and Carswell also serve on the NEP / SKAC.

Please note that I will always use capital lettering for BROTHERS and SENIORS. I think that it means to do this. Yours in the Bond.