The New York Alumni Chapter has been extremely productive in the area of marketing our brand and creating an atmosphere in regards to our chapter that has consistently brought us interested individuals that eventually move forward to become productive members of our chapter as soon as they become members. In light of the recent Moratorium that halted our scheduled Spring Intake intentions, upon lifting the Moratorium, the collective membership of New York Alumni though it would be best to postpone our intake process until the fall. Though, one of the main ways to grow our ranks is through Intake, we are interested in attracting QUALITY members into our fold as opposed to Quantity. In the meantime, we are still well on track to continue to show the growing community of individuals that are interested in membership, why we affectionately say… “NYA is the Only Way”. During the moratorium, they still sent us their letters and emails of interest via our website’s membership section. Our Polemarch, always staying in compliance with IHQ’s Code of Ethics, responded honestly and sincerely with all interested parties to inform them that their request was received and that we would reach out to them in the near future when the moratorium was lifted. With the moratorium now lifted, we have reached out to those interested men and as a chapter we are gearing up for the fall so that we can provide them with an opportunity to partake in the Bond that we as Kappa Men enjoy!!!


After the moratorium was announced, the chapter decided to embark upon the new endeavor of better educating our newer initiates in the policies and procedures of the chapter. Since we didn’t have to worry about all the paperwork, deadlines and conference calls involved with intake, we were able to focus inward, to offer our newest initiates the opportunity to grow in NYA, with NYA’s leadership team assisting them in any way possible. We are pleased to say that the dividends paid off quite well. At this present time, we have some of the youngest officers that the chapter has had in quite a while. The level of involvement and participation of our newer members has been at a very high quality as well. With the chapter empowering them to work, they are more enthusiastic about the “Business Side Of Kappa”. Attendance is up at chapter meetings, at NEP functions and several of them are also preparing to move towards seeking higher office in the chapter as well.

Recruitment, Reclamation and also Retention of our existing membership are what helps us to put name after name upon our chapter’s membership scroll. Our very diverse yearly calendar of events is innovative enough to attract younger new membership, yet boasts such regal and elegant affairs as well. The blending of such high energy events like the NYA Kappa Luau, with the sophistication and suaveness of our Annual Black and White Ball, for those that desire a more formal affair to attend. Chapter Fellowship Nights are ideal to spark the flame that will eventually put the “FIRE” back into inactive members and bring them back to Kappa. It is our multi-generational structured programming that keeps us firmly connected to every prospective member and every generation of Kappa Man that wants to be reclaimed. NYA truly is Kappa At Every Generation!!!

VIRTUAL RECLAMATION: In the New York Alumni Chapter, as well as other alumni chapters throughout Kappa, reclamation is a huge portion of the alumni experience. Through the hard work of our technology and social media committees, brothers are made aware of all the good things that the chapter is involved in with the click of a button. As technologies change the landscape of how people communicate, our technology committee keeps us in steady pace with the real world – in real time. It creates a buzz amongst our younger followers and helps to “bridge the communication gap” by assuring the younger initiate that they would be considered viable members of this long standing chapter and can contribute their skills and talents as well for the forward movement of the chapter.

RECLAMATION AND COMMUNICATION GO HAND IN HAND: Here at New York Alumni, our leadership has been astute enough to understand that in not only today’s business world, but our fraternal world – the dissemination of information regarding your “Brand” is key to the growth and sustainability of your chapter. Acknowledging this, the chapter set out on a course to extend our technological reach far beyond just our local community area and province. New York Alumni took advantage of the emerging technology available and restructured our website . It is now more user friendly and boasts a much more useful interface. Allowing Brothers and viewers alike the ability to view our upcoming events, make donations, pay dues, express interest in the chapter and so forth.

Our quarterly newsletter, The Hamer Observer, is viewable by the public so that any casual browser can take a moment to read about the good Kappa work that is being done in our community. It is distributed on our website and for the benefit of those Brothers of the chapter that are not as “Computer Inclined”, a few color hard copies are always made available. It is a labor of love, but it is well worth it. The editors and writers for the Hamer Observer, gather their information and stories from all of the different media of Kappa that surround them. They will be sure to mention not just achievements that brothers have earned through our chapter, but on Province and National levels as well. The Hamer Observer is truly a reputable record of the story of The New York Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi.
RETENTION: Another aspect to the progressive health of any chapter, and especially New York Alumni is retention of the membership that you currently have on your chapter roster. New York Alumni accomplishes this task by gearing many different social gatherings and acknowledgements towards the Brothers that comprise the chapter. We have a slot of time portioned out in our monthly chapter meetings for “Kappa of the Month” awards that are bestowed upon Brothers that have managed a task or event for the chapter well throughout the length of a project or perhaps a committee position throughout the year.

We attend “NYA Nupe Night Out” sessions, where we may gather for a bite to eat after a community service initiative or to congratulate a Brother on a job promotion or personal accomplishment. New York Alumni understands that there must be life outside of the Kappa Kastle and also sometimes outside of just attending community service events – we must also be fellows of similar social tastes.

We realize that we have gotten this far because of the brotherhood that is expressed between each other. We not only do we congregate at chapter meeting or at the Kappa Kastle, we also welcome each other into our homes to truly share that “Brotherly Bond”. This past summer the Annual Barr Family BBQ was just such an occasion. Brother each came and brought a dish to contribute to the event. We partied into the night and enjoyed each other’s company. No business – no agenda – just pure unadulterated fraternal fun!!!