A lesson to be learned in the events that have unfolded recently is that history repeats itself. Many years ago, a supreme court justice was up for nomination when a character flaw accusation came to the surface. Although to many it seemed apparent his role in the accusation, his nomination was all but guaranteed to happen anyway. Fast forward to 2018, when women are speaking up about rights and equality in an era defined as “Me Too”. In this same era, the powers that be have flexed their muscles in the face of change. To keep things as they are, with those in power maintaining control. The divisiveness of politics in America is at a fever pitch and this supreme court justice nominee didn’t just shy away, he stood up to the plate and used the bullhorn of his party. They supported him wholeheartedly in exchange. The suffering of others for the powers that be is an ongoing saga in America. Do the majority of Americans want change, or do they want more of the same? Do they have enough power to take it from those who retain it? America is not immune to the social unrest led by populists happening around the world. American History is still being written.