It is exciting to embark on a new year of Kappa. As the social action chair for a second year, I’m looking forward to the social action committee being able to take initiatives to an all new high. In this calendar year, we have experienced a lot of trying times. As a community, we face many challenges that require an all hands on deck approach. Many of the challenges are not new, they have been around for multiple decades. What is evident now is that we can no longer kick the can down the road. If there is only one thing I could take away from this year thus far, it would be that we can no longer expect for anyone outside of our community to combat the many issues that have and continue to oppress our community. We must all do our part in helping our community progress. From the perspective of Kappa Alpha Psi, this is the reason for our existence as a fraternity. Kappa has and always will be a fraternity that is a part of the conversation with respect to social issues going on locally, nationally and globally. In this respect, this is where I’m excited for the social action committee to do its part in fighting
the good fight. We look forward to our initiatives assisting in the cultivation, education, and
empowerment of our community. Kris Bell