We also take time to honor our Senior Brothers and acknowledge them for their dedication to the chapter throughout the years, paying them proper respect for the many sacrifices that they have made for the chapter over the years. In the month of November, the New York Alumni Chapter dedicates that meeting to our “Senior Members”. The Senior Night serves as a wonderful way to bridge the gap between the newest and oldest of us within the chapter. It instills the concepts of deference, and true dedication within our younger members and inspires us to also stay active within the fraternity to receive our merit certificates, 50 year pins and silver bowls. In New York Alumni, we value all of our members no matter the age difference. We all share in each other’s greatest of times and worst of tragedies.

We also honor them for their own personal accomplishments as well. During our 2015 NYC Metro Founders Day Celebration this past January, we honored Brother Austin Powlis, a World War II Veteran, noted for being one of the individuals that stormed the infamous beaches of Normandy. He was humbled and honored that we took the time out to honor him and he was brought to tears. In NYA, we believe in the motto of “Honorable Achievement In Every Field Of Human Endeavor”.