IMG_1439The fashion industry, like many other avenues now a days are being controlled by its main consumer; the millennial. More and more members of the millennial generation are finding astonishing ways to break into the fashion industry both as the buyers and sellers. It is safe to say that millennials have definitely reshaped how we see the fashion industry from the styles they are able to conceive all the way to the creative ways they are breaking into the fashion industry in general. As a millennial and owner of my own brand, I love learning but also pioneering my way through he industry and a millennial entrepreneur.

Social media has provided a platform for millennial led brands to showcase their talent and spread the word rather quickly about what they are doing. Because of the internet, social media, and our constant need for interaction, fashion influencers can be seen all over with just one click and swipe on your phone.

By leveraging their follower counts, more and more millennials are able to make profitable businesses by posting pictures of well curated outfits consistently overtime. As they generate more and more likes as well as followers, these brand influencers become targets of brands with millennial lead sales. With the convenience and effectiveness of marketing with social media, many up and coming designers see no urgency in opening a location and creating so much overhead. With my own line and brand, Garçon Couture, we have been able to use the internet to not only spread the message about our business but also the ideals of what we stand for; fashion and the Gentlemen expressing himself through it. Social media connects brands with our dream customers by giving us a platform to attract the right individual.

As we move into the spring season, we at Garçon Couture are mindful to post according to what our followers need as well as the trends we support, and the trends we are leading. We look forward to trends like super-bright colors for Spring/Summer2017. The mixes of colors such as pinks and floral patterns matched with various other patterns and solids, will be some must have looks for any gentlemen.

As suit designs continue to embrace more colors, as well as incorporate patterns , we encourage you to challenge yourself, and even you inner millennial. Don’t be surprised if you see brighter colors in the stores as the seasons change. Don’t just stand on the sidelines: Join the fun. Post yourself in something new on Instagram. You never know if there is a fashion icon in you waiting to come out. Take a lesson from your own local millennial in Garçon Couture- dressing well is a form of self-expression, what are you telling the world?

Ilbert Sanchez