On Friday, October 31, New York Alumni partnered with the National Step Team of the Hispanic sorority of Sigma Iota Alpha to host the “Tales from The Krypt – Legend Of The Unicorn” Halloween Costume Party”.  This is an event that we have hosted in the past with other “special guest sororities”.  Every year the crowd continues to increase and the costumes become more fun to observe and very well thought out and festive.  As we have mentioned in our previous fundraising features, NYA has outgrown our beloved Kappa Kastle and has moved this event to a club / lounge themed venue as well.  The wonderful aspect of this event is that it is one in which the chapter continues to look to partner with a different sorority.  It allows for an exchange of different ideas, builds our “Kappa Presence” and also helps to bring different genres of party – goers to an experience that they might not have had the privilege to enjoy otherwise.