The New York Alumni Chapter’s annual Black and White Formal Affair, Kasino Royale, remains a consistent staple in the NYA event calendar.  Our theme for this fraternal year was the “Krimson Masquerade.  This version of our signature event held on April 12th, incorporated a masquerade ball styled theme, where our guests had the opportunity to don masks of intricate design to fit their style and fancy!!!  Again, our great success at hosting this annual affair lies in the fact that NYA’s multi-generational membership,  has mastered the fine art of blending tradition with a flair for the new.  The fine dining selections to suit the palate of all attendees combined with wonderful music from carefully selected DJs and our signature charity casino gaming component, have made this annual event one that has been duplicated  by a few chapters– but never quite accomplished with such an air of distinction and quality as the brothers of New York Alumni have built this brand up to be.  We pause in our festivities to acknowledge Brothers and community activists for their dedicated service to the chapter and the community in which we serve.  As is customary, the proceeds derived from this event serve to fund our operations accounts and paired with the recently adopted “NYA 80 Initiative”, we are enabled to maintain the maintenance and smooth functioning of the historic New York Alumni chapter fraternity house, which we affectionately call “The Kappa Kastle”.

NYA believes in the age old adage “If It Ain’t Broke – Don’t Fix It”!    Our Fundraising Committee, has moved the chapter’s social fundraising events to the next level.  They have managed to take the blueprint of events that have been sponsored in the past, improved upon the themes and created  event experiences that are unique in concept and are anxiously anticipated by our followers.  On June 20th, “Kandy Shop”, one of our recently adopted signature events was revamped and a new expanded version of “Kandy Shop” was unleashed upon the masses!  The very popular and anticipated event kept the straight forward approach of combing two basic premises – a candy flavored beverage menu and an atmosphere that leads to nothing but great memories!!!  As this event has grown to new heights, the chapter has grown the event so much that we now host it at an outside club style venue.  The funds generated from the event support the upkeep of our beloved fraternity home.  This event has served us well and also serves as a good event to train our newer initiates in the areas of event planning, budgeting and marketing as well.  As we always say…”At New York Alumni, we are always Training For Leadership”.