Ironically, years ago JayZ used a quote in one of the songs featuring Kanye, saying “Dark knight feelin’, Die you be a hero, Or live long enough to see yourself become a villain”. This was soon after the Talyor Swift incident. A turning point in Kanye’s life. A point at which he was shunned by many of his fans on social media, sponsors and multiple streams of income. He broke up with his then-girlfriend and seemingly on a dark spiral, created an album titled “My Dark Twisted Fantasy”. If you’re a Kanye fan as I was, you saw this event unfold and cheered for your hero to continue to thrive as life is thrown at him.

Fast forward to now. Maybe it was too much. Maybe he couldn’t handle it all. Maybe he needed help but had no on to turn too. He’s since had incidents of overdose, emotional breakdowns, breakups with friends and public displays that are hard to explain. His music has also suffered, as we’ve all now accepted he no longer writes his own lyrics and doesn’t pick his own beats. He’s now the artists formerly known as the guy we loved who fought to show the world Jesus Walks. Now he has embraced characters who promote hate and harm. He’s released a new album this week and the cover of the album is a subtle cry for help. As a former Kanye West fan, I actually hope this all ends well. I will not watch it in real time.