Budget Goals and Objectives

The New York Alumni Chapter’s budget is one that is created from several different revenue streams and takes into account several different chapter service projects, fundraising events and social action initiatives. The fact that The New York Alumni Chapter has its own fraternity house, also requires its membership to implement progressive fundraising initiatives and membership dues structures that allow for the payment of property taxes, house repairs, maintenance, supplies, etc. as well.


Straight off the success of the newly revamped “Kandy Shop” our Fundraising Committee struck again on August 10th, with resounding success with the newly introduced “NYA Kappa Summer Luau Roof Top Party”. This summertime bash was a luau themed event that incorporated the heat and décor of a Hawaiian bungalow, the energy of the summer and the best of urban R&B that the streets had to offer that summer!!! The event was completely packed out and helped to solidify the chapter’s ability to sell out a venue outside of the Kappa Kastle. Going forward, this event and others that will be planned similarly will help to provide growth not only with the chapters exchequer, but also with the chapter’s brand as a viable candidate for outside vendors to consider for partnerships. To those that attend our parties, they see it as simply a good time, but at NYA – we see it as a way for the chapter to expand their brand and improve their market-share of the NYC Greek Letter Party Scene!!!

On Friday, October 31, New York Alumni partnered with the National Step Team of the Hispanic sorority of Sigma Iota Alpha to host the “Tales from The Krypt – Legend Of The Unicorn” Halloween Costume Party”. This is an event that we have hosted in the past with other “special guest sororities”. Every year the crowd continues to increase and the costumes become more fun to observe and very well thought out and festive. As we have mentioned in our previous fundraising features, NYA has outgrown our beloved Kappa Kastle and has moved this event to a club / lounge themed venue as well. The wonderful aspect of this event is that it is one in which the chapter continues to look to partner with a different sorority. It allows for an exchange of different ideas, builds our “Kappa Presence” and also helps to bring different genres of party – goers to an experience that they might not have had the privilege to enjoy otherwise.

Our New York Alumni Foundation serves as our philanthropic arm at the New York Alumni Chapter. Through the NYAF, we are able to fund our various scholarships that are administered. The foundation sustains the following scholarship programs: The Student of the Year Competition, The J. P. Hicks Mass Communications Scholarship, The Crimson Merit Scholarship and the five scholarships that are awarded at the Reginald F. Lewis Scholarship Luncheon. We host several fundraisers for the NYAF during the course of the fraternal year. We make account in our budget for the payment of at least $10,000.00 in scholarships annually. You will read of our accomplishments as a chapter in subsequent pages.

On Saturday, January 3rd, 2015, NYA took the lead this year in organizing the annual Metro Founders Day Fundraising Event at The Attic Rooftop Lounge in midtown Manhattan. This year’s J-5 event, tells a story of true Brotherly fellowship and NYC Metro Chapter “Nupe Unity”. Partnering with our fellow city-wide chapters we packed out the rooftop venue and held an event that brought fellow greeks from other fraternity & sorority organizations and a surprisingly large independent crowd of patrons this year which serves as a testament to the quality of the event and the spirit of unity that we all displayed. In furtherance of the spirit of Phi Nu Pi and “Fraternal Finance”, The chapters EQUALLY SPLIT any proceeds above our mutually agreed upon ticket quotas. So at the end of the night, we all were able to share in not just a GREAT PARTY, but a GREAT PROFIT as well. By focusing on being “One Kappa”, we painted the city CRIMSON that night!

On Sunday February 1St, 2015 New York Alumni returned back to the Kappa Kastle for our Annual Nupe – “Her Bowl” Super Bowl viewing Party. This event has become one of the more anticipated signature events on our chapter calendar. Through the use of our social media and marketing campaigns, we have been able to consistently attract a more diverse crowd to our events, bringing at least 100 people a year to join in on the festivities. The multiple screen experience that we have incorporated over the past two years give the entire fraternity house the feel and atmosphere of a true viewing experience. This year we switched gears, and instead of the “Shimmy Like A Nupe” contest, we decided to offer our patron’s free Super Bowl Score Boxes, and at the end of each quarter, we awarded the winner with a complimentary bottle of “Sparkling Cheer”. Through the chapters continuing ability to provide quality entertainment for all the different generations of patrons that we serve, we continue to capture larger demographics year after year!