Capital Finance

Chairman: Keeper of Exchequer, David Hamilton

This committee is charged with the responsibility of formulating, researching and developing long-term investment planning of the New York Alumni Chapter (NYA) of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. We interpret ‘long-term’ as referring to plans which affect revenue streams beyond one fiscal year. Our current goal is for NYA to generate sufficient recurring income to meet all the expenditures of our treasured Kappa Kastle. We welcome input from all Brothers on how accomplish this goal and otherwise build the financial strength of NYA.

Additional content:
Reactivated in 2010, the Committee of five NYA Brothers, has:
·         Introduced a Savings and Investment Plan in which NYA Lifetime Membership dues will be restricted, invested and used to produce passive income over many years.
·         Raised discussion of marketing the Kappa Kastle to more renters. Out of this, we have begun to renovate the Oliver W. Parson Conference Room and install new technology in the house.
·         Put forth the idea of grant funding for NYA and the NYA Foundation, prompting the Polemarch to form the Grant Committee charged with exactly this purpose.