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In reading this submission, it is New York Alumni’s hope that we have been able to effectively demonstrate through our programs, initiatives and social activities, that New York Alumni is truly a dynamic chapter and special place to be a member of. We are a chapter that is diverse in its programming and are proud of the fact that we can host functions that include each and every member regardless of age, creed, theology and areas of interest or professional expertise, if they choose to participate and/or attend. Our service projects and community endeavors have become more innovative, in order to better encompass the needs of our multi-cultural and ever changing community demographics. Our vast make up of members from different age groups, serves as a platform for the transformational nature of the chapter. Time honored traditions are preserved through the tutelage of our senior members, the bridge, or “conduit” so to speak is demonstrated through our former and present leaders of our chapter’s past and present administrations – leadership that is able to steer this chapter with balance. Last, but certainly not least, we are reinvigorated by the youth of our chapter’s membership. The Brothers who are helping us with the outreach efforts, that are taking us into the youth symposiums taking place across the country. The very same Brothers that are raising the visibility of this chapter and its good works through the uses of our chapter website, newsletter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media venues. All of these things blend together to uphold this year’s motto that was set by our current Polemarch, Brother Julian Bobb “Let’s Build.. Our Bond, the Underserved Communities, A Sense of interdependence: Tomorrow’s Leaders, Our Dynasty”!

We thank you and your fellow Achievement Committee members, for your time and consideration in reviewing this submission.

Yours in the Bond,

Brother Julian A. Bobb, Polemarch

Brother Gregory Thomas, Awards Committee Chairman

New York Alumni Chapter

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated

Brown Skin People in the New America

For generations now, America has leveraged the perception of the land of opportunity. The place where you can escape political persecution, the place where you can find better economic opportunities for yourself and your family. This global campaign is now being called into question. Many in the middle of the America have not enjoyed the flourishing  benefits of globalization and diversity. Economics In South Florida there’s an enormous investment campaign coming from South America and other Latin Countries. This investment growth is much more rapid then homegrown Floridians. In California, the Asian investment climate is as strong as ever. In New York, Asian and Indian investment is as prominent as it’s ever been. Americans are feeling the economic influence in elements as simple as the local Subway Sandwhich shop and Dunkin Doughnuts. Even suburban low paying jobs such as Burger King are now seeing a large influx of brown people. This reigns true in corporate roles such as engineering, technology and medicine. Education The public school system is on the edge of a revolution. No one really knows what will be the results. What Americans do know, the American school system is not improving at the rate that other counties are. You can see it in the entrepreneurs that come here to invest, you can see it in the aptitude in the students that come to study at our best universities. In order to compete in the future, American students must learn better and faster, no one has figured out this equation as of 2017. Americans are becoming less inclined to be politically correct as a result, pushing back against this...

The Notorious 9 – Fall 2K16

In the fall of 2016, nine men were able to join the New York Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.  Out of the many that were interested, they were chosen not only for their strengths and how well they work together, but for the future for the chapter. Each member possessed unique qualities that the Polemarch, Vice Polemarch, and other chapter leaders saw in them.  They all displayed great leadership skills which helped them accomplish tasks for the good of the chapter in an impressive fashion. One thing that is very powerful about this new intake of membership is their youth.  A group of 9 young men means that the chapter can take a turn in a different, yet still progressive, direction.  It gives the ability to not only partner with other chapters with youthful members, but bring an expanded connection with the community. When it comes to KappaLand, each brother is focused on doing work to better the community and others. For example, Brother Simms is a perfect fit to be a part of the fundraising committee as he runs his own promotional brand with a team of hard workers. He is a great asset for the chapter to grow revenue for events and other services. Brother Rossi deals with real estate and has great knowledge to handle house affairs. He can be the future house chair and caretaker for the historic Kappa Kastle. Brother Kelly is a part of several organizations and also works for one that helps mentor kids. This past thanksgiving, he was driving around giving out turkeys for people that could not...

Define Your Career

It seems to be an interesting paradox that according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary – the term career could either mean “an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life” or “to move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way in a specific direction.” In many of the career conversations our team engages in, we are finding that more and more individuals who fit the generation y mold begin their career aspirations thinking in a very linear sequential way. It typically starts with picking major “x” in college thinking that will get them a job doing “x equivalent” once they graduate and then go on to live happily ever after flourishing at “x career.” In this extremely competitive and global marketplace – what may have worked for the generation before (affectionately known as generation x) is increasingly becoming as outdated as the butterfly collared shirts they wore on their interviews. You see, many born in generation y would subscribe to the latter [uncontrolled] definition of the term career as an accurate depiction of where they are in their career journey. To be clear, we are not suggesting you curtail your plans to enter into college. We actually condone and support you following your passion and subsequently picking a major that edifies and promotes your passion. We simply would like for you to move forward with a slightly different perspective. Entrepreneur What just came to mind after seeing the affable “e-word” derived from the French word entreprendre (meaning to undertake)? Let me guess, someone who doesn’t work for someone else? Someone who quits jobs and takes risks and makes their...

Fashion Industry Insight

The fashion industry, like many other avenues now a days are being controlled by its main consumer; the millennial. More and more members of the millennial generation are finding astonishing ways to break into the fashion industry both as the buyers and sellers. It is safe to say that millennials have definitely reshaped how we see the fashion industry from the styles they are able to conceive all the way to the creative ways they are breaking into the fashion industry in general. As a millennial and owner of my own brand, I love learning but also pioneering my way through he industry and a millennial entrepreneur. Social media has provided a platform for millennial led brands to showcase their talent and spread the word rather quickly about what they are doing. Because of the internet, social media, and our constant need for interaction, fashion influencers can be seen all over with just one click and swipe on your phone. By leveraging their follower counts, more and more millennials are able to make profitable businesses by posting pictures of well curated outfits consistently overtime. As they generate more and more likes as well as followers, these brand influencers become targets of brands with millennial lead sales. With the convenience and effectiveness of marketing with social media, many up and coming designers see no urgency in opening a location and creating so much overhead. With my own line and brand, Garçon Couture, we have been able to use the internet to not only spread the message about our business but also the ideals of what we stand for; fashion and...

Tips to Get You Ready for Summer ’17

One’s overall fitness program could be made up of 3 distinct components; cardio, nutrition and resistance training. The best thing that someone can do to get immediate results is to focus on all three of those phases appropriately and at the same time. Cardio training, do a half hour daily of cardio at the THR (target heart rate); (220 – your age) x 75% = THR. This cardio will effectively lower your unwanted body weight thus dropping overall body fat percentage and increasing your metabolic heart rate. This in turn will allow you to build more muscle too. Nutrition, eat every 4-5hours daily. Avoid sugar, salt, fried food, dairy and alcohol content. Eat your target body weight in protein per day from high quality and varied protein sources such as eggs, chicken breast, turkey breast, lean steak and peas. A daily post workout protein shake can be added to supplement your nutrition in order to get in your daily target amount of protein. (PS, it’s okay to have a cheat meal once a week. I suggest Saturday evenings. And for those who enjoy an occasionally beverage, try to go 8-12weeks without one. You will see your body fat decrease a good amount more efficiently during that time. It’s not as long as you think, and worth the results!) Resistance training, 4-5x per week for one hour each of those days. Be efficient and productive, keeping rest intervals shortened. I would suggest doing super sets and drop sets to keep your workouts fun, challenging and moderately intense. Use medium weight, 70% of 1RM (one rep max strength) and do sets...

Guide Right Committee Raffle

Purchase your Tickets Today! The NYA Guide Right Committee is hosting their annual Guide Right Fundraiser. They will be raffling off two All Access Passes to the Brooklyn Nets vs. New York Knicks basketball game. That game is on Sunday, March 12th, 2017. Tickets are $5 per tickets. If you buy 4 tickets, you get one free. Purchase tickets online or To purchase tickets, see Brother Shamel Duncan and Brother Omar Peele. 1st Prize : All Access Tickets to 2 of the Brooklyn Nets vs NY Knicks Game March 12, 2017 2nd Prize : Free Training Session with WHTH Fitness Trainer – Paul “PJ” James. workhardtrainharder.com Drawing held on Satursday MArch 4th, 2017 @ 8:00pm via Facebook, Instagram & Email FB: www.facebook.com/NYA1937, IG @ NYAKappas, Email:...

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