Personal Finance in a Millennial Age

How are we to drive to work 20 miles a day combined, yet save our money? How are we to save money when we use the MTA to get to work, but that’s notoriously late so our Uber account starts to multiply? We make sure to check in to that happy hour right after work...

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So, I have a White Jacket – Now What?

I became a Senior Kappa in 2012 when my days of youth faded to a memory as I celebrated my 65th Birthday. Of course, with thanks to the leadership of Brother John Stewart and the support of Grand Polemarch Thomas Battles- that “come to Jesus moment” is now age 60....

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Tax Tips 2017

Tax items to consider before you file your tax return Filing head of household or single: Filing head of household gives you a lower tax rate than filing single. Persons you can claim on your return to file as head of household. A qualifying child – a son, daughter,...

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Personal Data and the Economic Implications

Personal Data is transforming the market of transactions of value between institutions and individuals. Chairman of the International Personal Data Trade Association, James Felton Keith explains the moral and economic implications of documenting and tracking...

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Senior Kappa Affairs – Fall 2017

Terrance Holliday, Chairman, Omicron 1967 I am pleased to continue serving New York Alumni leading the SENIOR Kappa Affairs Committee for the Fraternal Year of 2017-2018. All brothers should have an understanding that this is a committee serving the needs and...

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Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Becoming a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. The past 7 years of being in the bond have been tremendous and I have had the opportunity to learn from so many great brothers, such as the late...

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NYA Social Action in 2017

It is exciting to embark on a new year of Kappa. As the social action chair for a second year, I’m looking forward to the social action committee being able to take initiatives to an all new high. In this calendar year, we have experienced a lot of trying times. As a...

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