Kappa Kastle Restoration Fundraiser

Click Here to Donate The New York Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc is raising funds to complete the revitalization of the historic Kappa Kastle located in the Harlem neighborhood in New York City. This building was originally purchased in 1937. There...

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Sweet Harlem

Support Nupe Businesses SweetHarlem.com Sweet Harlem, Inc., is currently having a “Clearance and Holiday Sale” on Amazon.com. All of our products are now marked at half-price. It’s quick and easy to buy on Amazon. Our Sweet Harlem Old Fashioned Gourmet Cookies include...

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Polemarch’s Address – Fall 2018

Welcome to the website of the New York Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. My name is Michael Hatcher, and I have the pleasure and honor to serve as the new Polemarch of the New York Alumni Chapter. Please take the time to move through our website to...

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Politics vs Culture

By Hwesu Samuel Murray On Saturday I attended the Columbia University Homecoming football game against Dartmouth. It was a beautiful day for eating fried chicken, rice and garden salad, and sipping white wine under the big tent, while meeting other alumni and...

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Politics as Usual

A lesson to be learned in the events that have unfolded recently is that history repeats itself. Many years ago, a supreme court justice was up for nomination when a character flaw accusation came to the surface. Although to many it seemed apparent his role in the...

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