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5 ways to still get an interview

You ever stumble across a job posting that ignites your passion, sounds ridiculously interesting and you absolutely know in your heart-of-hearts that you could do that job better than anyone else? As you continue to read that same posting – has that fire ever quickly fizzled once you realized you lack the experience and or/ requirements noted? If you are like us – and many more reading this article, at this point, you probably ask yourself a variation of these two questions: i. Do I submit my resume with the hopes that my efforts will magically trigger some whimsical fairy that will sprinkle some fairy dust over the recruiter/hiring manager prompting them to invite me in for an interview? ii. Should I even bother wasting everyone’s time? Now let’s be clear – if you are a recent college graduate or junior level candidate applying for vice-president level roles, the third and most important question you should ask yourself is “how stable is my mental health?” In any case, you should always be applying to roles that make sense based on the relative latitude of your skillset and experience. If you are changing industries and/or do not possess the precise skillsets noted but generally feel you could learn the role rather quickly based on your previous experience, you can increase the odds of being considered dramatically by considering these five tips in pursuit of that next opportunity. 1. Maintaining a focused approach with a broad industry understanding When researching the actual specifics of the opportunity, take some time to understand the organization as a whole in addition to the industry... read more

Cheat Days

What is a “cheat day”? Can I afford to have one? These very common questions these days in the fitness and nutrition world. A “cheat day” most likely means something different to each person you ask depending on how they apply their overall knowledge of fitness and nutrition and what’s their personal experience with it. In my opinion, those who are well experienced and know their bodies understand what cheat meals and cheat days are in perspective and what works for them in particular. For the most part, it qualifies as a departure from clean eating (as the basis of someone with a lifestyle who is significantly into fitness, wellness and health). My recommendation for the average person would be to have such a healthy clean eating lifestyle through consistency and commitment, which go hand and hand and isn’t as hard as some people think it is. But the main things to avoid are useless sugar/processed foods, salt, fried food, dairy and alcohol. Outside of that, it’s a go! So for a cheat day, if you end up staying away from those things you’re on the right track. If not, where you indulge in one of the food types that is recommended to avoid, I would then stick to one or two cheat meals a week. Either way keep your cheats to preferably a Saturday or Sunday on the weekends. If you’ve not been eating clean and ready to get start on healthier lifestyle, here are my recommendations to gameplan a way to get into. This will then lead into constructing your cheat days. First off, eat off or... read more

Brown Skin People in the New America

For generations now, America has leveraged the perception of the land of opportunity. The place where you can escape political persecution, the place where you can find better economic opportunities for yourself and your family. This global campaign is now being called into question. Many in the middle of the America have not enjoyed the flourishing  benefits of globalization and diversity. Economics In South Florida there’s an enormous investment campaign coming from South America and other Latin Countries. This investment growth is much more rapid then homegrown Floridians. In California, the Asian investment climate is as strong as ever. In New York, Asian and Indian investment is as prominent as it’s ever been. Americans are feeling the economic influence in elements as simple as the local Subway Sandwhich shop and Dunkin Doughnuts. Even suburban low paying jobs such as Burger King are now seeing a large influx of brown people. This reigns true in corporate roles such as engineering, technology and medicine. Education The public school system is on the edge of a revolution. No one really knows what will be the results. What Americans do know, the American school system is not improving at the rate that other counties are. You can see it in the entrepreneurs that come here to invest, you can see it in the aptitude in the students that come to study at our best universities. In order to compete in the future, American students must learn better and faster, no one has figured out this equation as of 2017. Americans are becoming less inclined to be politically correct as a result, pushing back against this... read more

Senior Kappas – Orlando on the Horizon

The 83rd Grand Chapter Konklave will soon be here. If you are planning to attend, then by now you should be registered with International Headquarters and registered for your lodging. If not, then you are behind the planning curve. The host hotel is the Rosen Shingle Creek located at 9939 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL. The hotel caters to conferences lot Kappa Alpha Psi and is built to handle large numbers. That said, you need to be registered with IHQ in order to get the Kappa Alpha Psi rate for lodging. It may not be too late, but it is close to the 11th hour. The registration as of April 2nd reflects 1,767 with 762 Senior Brothers ( 60 years old + ). Fortunately, an internet search of the Orlando area will yield a plethora of resort hotels, in case you have to make other arrangements. I have not been able to determine whether the Hotel or IHQ will be able to provide discounted tickets for the Orlando area attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and many others. I recommend you consider taking a look on line for opportunities to purchase tickets in advance. The daily cost of these attractions is costly and time- consuming, if you are paying at the door. There are several Kappa events that you need to keep in mind, in addition to business sessions— Closed Banquet, BBQ, Senior Kappas ( those receiving white jackets ), Veterans Luncheon, Foundation Luncheon and more. I hope this is helpful. Terrance Holliday, Senior Kappa... read more

The Notorious 9 – Fall 2K16

In the fall of 2016, nine men were able to join the New York Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.  Out of the many that were interested, they were chosen not only for their strengths and how well they work together, but for the future for the chapter. Each member possessed unique qualities that the Polemarch, Vice Polemarch, and other chapter leaders saw in them.  They all displayed great leadership skills which helped them accomplish tasks for the good of the chapter in an impressive fashion. One thing that is very powerful about this new intake of membership is their youth.  A group of 9 young men means that the chapter can take a turn in a different, yet still progressive, direction.  It gives the ability to not only partner with other chapters with youthful members, but bring an expanded connection with the community. When it comes to KappaLand, each brother is focused on doing work to better the community and others. For example, Brother Simms is a perfect fit to be a part of the fundraising committee as he runs his own promotional brand with a team of hard workers. He is a great asset for the chapter to grow revenue for events and other services. Brother Rossi deals with real estate and has great knowledge to handle house affairs. He can be the future house chair and caretaker for the historic Kappa Kastle. Brother Kelly is a part of several organizations and also works for one that helps mentor kids. This past thanksgiving, he was driving around giving out turkeys for people that could not... read more

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