NYA AADP Afterparty

Come join us at the Kastle wearing your favorite college apparel so you can REP YOUR YARD! All access passes included 90 minutes of specialty cocktails.

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NYA Senior Kappa Affairs – Summer 2018

Senior Kappa Affairs Terrance R. Holliday, Omicron 1967 May 30, 2018 Senior Kappa Affairs activity has been on the upswing in New York Alumni and throughout our beloved fraternity for about 15 years. Established as a national committee, the Senior Kappa Affairs...

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African American World View of Current Issues

This Is America: An African American World View of Current Issues By Hwesu S. Murray Copyright 2018 Because this is very comprehensive subject matter that cannot be covered fully in one discussion, only a few major points and general observations and bullet points for...

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Black Mental Health on the Global Stage

Ironically, years ago JayZ used a quote in one of the songs featuring Kanye, saying "Dark knight feelin', Die you be a hero, Or live long enough to see yourself become a villain". This was soon after the Talyor Swift incident. A turning point in Kanye's life. A point...

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This is America – Chaos as we know it

Unless you've been under a rock. You've probably seen the groundbreaking video by Childish Gambino (Donald Glover). The video has drawn an incredible amount of attention since launching. The video starts with the initial light melody (America's projection of pureness...

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A Personal Reflection About Black Love

By Hwesu S. Murray Copyright 2018 When I was a young man, I use to write a great deal. Writing still remains important to me, and the subject of love is high on my list. Several years ago, I wrote a book based on the movie, “Casablanca,” called, “The Meaning of Love...

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