Konclave 2017

Tickets Golf Outing Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Golf Outing – Official Conclave Event (Tuesday) Powered by Eventbrite Krimson Nights – Official Conclave Event (Wednesday) Powered by Eventbrite Kream – Official Conclave Event (Thursday) Powered by Eventbrite...

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4:44 – A Poem sends shockwaves through Black America

[Jay-Z:] Look, I apologize, often womanize Took for my child to be born See through a woman's eyes Took for these natural twins to believe in miracles Took me too long for this song I don't deserve you, I harass you out in Paris "Please come back to Rome" You make it...

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Black Love in the Millennial Age – Part 2

Black Love - Part 2 In the area of social media, lack of courtship, the disappearance of parents in their children’s relationships, and the increase of sci-fi movie thrillers, black love is not lost but yet transformed into this entertainment driven reality show of...

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Black Love in the Millennial Age – Part 1

  Black Love - Part 1 Love still reigns One thing that still reigns true, love is special. Finding that special one as your mate is not easy but if you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll find your loved one and cherish them. There's a great book called the Five...

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5 ways to still get an interview

You ever stumble across a job posting that ignites your passion, sounds ridiculously interesting and you absolutely know in your heart-of-hearts that you could do that job better than anyone else? As you continue to read that same posting – has that fire ever quickly...

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Cheat Days

What is a "cheat day"? Can I afford to have one? These very common questions these days in the fitness and nutrition world. A "cheat day" most likely means something different to each person you ask depending on how they apply their overall knowledge of fitness and...

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