How To Value American Labor

For most of human history, masses of people have worked with their hands to be productive in order to survive. People around the world, throughout the ages, have labored for their daily sustenance. Laborers, who get their hands dirty and who take raw materials and...

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Credits Tips

Too often in today's day and age young people miss out on opportunities from lack of information. This article is written to inform all about the basics of credit. Payment History is the largest factor in your credit. It's also one of the hardest items to correct. So...

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Personal Finance in a Millennial Age

How are we to drive to work 20 miles a day combined, yet save our money? How are we to save money when we use the MTA to get to work, but that’s notoriously late so our Uber account starts to multiply? We make sure to check in to that happy hour right after work...

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So, I have a White Jacket – Now What?

I became a Senior Kappa in 2012 when my days of youth faded to a memory as I celebrated my 65th Birthday. Of course, with thanks to the leadership of Brother John Stewart and the support of Grand Polemarch Thomas Battles- that “come to Jesus moment” is now age 60....

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