The Northeastern Province was established in 1930 when James E. Allen was appointed the first Northeastern Province Polemarch by then Grand Polemarch, Archie A. Alexander.

Our province is made up of over 40 Undergraduate and 30 Alumni Chapters. We cover a geographical area spanning from the tip of New England in the north through Delaware in the south, and Pennsylvania in the west over to Germany and the United Kingdom.

In addition to Germany and the United Kingdom, our province spans the following states:  Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

For a more detailed insight into the history of our Province, please read the following chronicles compiled by our Province Historian:


icon 01. NEP History Beginning icon 02. NEP History Chapter 2
icon 03. NEP History Chapter 3 icon 04. NEP History Chapter 4
icon 05. NEP History Chapter 5 icon 06. NEP History Chapter 6
icon 07. NEP History Chapter 7 icon 08. NEP History Chapter 8
icon 09. NEP History Chapter 9 icon 10. NEP History Chapter 10


Please feel free to direct questions to Province Historian, Kyle T. Daniels at

Office Name Contact E-mail
Province Polemarch Craig C. Chisholm
Sr. Province Vice Polemarch Christopher J. Thompkins
Jr. Province Vice Polemarch Kevin Atkinson
Province Keeper of Records Jermaine Myrie
Province Keeper of Exchequer Kelvin L. Sims, Sr.
Strategus Havier Hill Roller
Lt. Strategus James Clark, III
Nominating Committee Chairman Richard W. King, Jr.
Northern Alumni Brian Kelly
Northern Undergraduate Kevin Hunte
Central Alumni Harold George
Central Undergraduate Andrew Labissiere
Southern Alumni Stefan Roberts
Southern Undergraduate Justin Sinclair
Asst. to BoD Member – Northern Pierre Oscar
Asst. to BoD Member – Central Jose Zenon
Asst. to BoD Member – Southern Darren Brantley
Asst. Keeper of Exchequer Benjamin Jackson
Asst. Keeper of Records Brian D. Lewis
Chief of Staff to Province Polemarch Ted Sanchious
Deputy Chief of Staff Joseph Bryant, Jr.
Undergraduate Assistant Chief of Staff Malachi Wallker
Historian Kyle T. Daniels
Legal Counsel Bryan Williams, Esq.