Straight off the success of the newly revamped “Kandy Shop” our Fundraising Committee struck again on August 10th, with resounding success with the newly introduced “NYA Kappa Summer Luau Roof Top Party”.  This summertime bash was a luau themed event that incorporated the heat and décor of a Hawaiian bungalow, the energy of the summer and the best of urban R&B that the streets had to offer that summer!!!  The event was completely packed out and helped to solidify the chapter’s ability to sell out a venue outside of the Kappa Kastle.  Going forward, this event and others that will be planned similarly will help to provide growth not only with the chapters exchequer, but also with the chapter’s brand as a viable candidate for outside vendors to consider for partnerships.  To those that attend our parties, they see it as simply a good time, but at NYA – we see it as a way for the chapter to expand their brand and improve their market-share of the NYC Greek Letter Party Scene!!!