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In reading this submission, it is New York Alumni’s hope that we have been able to effectively demonstrate through our programs, initiatives and social activities, that New York Alumni is truly a dynamic chapter and special place to be a member of. We are a chapter that is diverse in its programming and are proud of the fact that we can host functions that include each and every member regardless of age, creed, theology and areas of interest or professional expertise, if they choose to participate and/or attend. Our service projects and community endeavors have become more innovative, in order to better encompass the needs of our multi-cultural and ever changing community demographics. Our vast make up of members from different age groups, serves as a platform for the transformational nature of the chapter. Time honored traditions are preserved through the tutelage of our senior members, the bridge, or “conduit” so to speak is demonstrated through our former and present leaders of our chapter’s past and present administrations – leadership that is able to steer this chapter with balance. Last, but certainly not least, we are reinvigorated by the youth of our chapter’s membership. The Brothers who are helping us with the outreach efforts, that are taking us into the youth symposiums taking place across the country. The very same Brothers that are raising the visibility of this chapter and its good works through the uses of our chapter website, newsletter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media venues. All of these things blend together to uphold this year’s motto that was set by our current Polemarch, Brother Julian Bobb “Let’s Build.. Our Bond, the Underserved Communities, A Sense of interdependence: Tomorrow’s Leaders, Our Dynasty”!

We thank you and your fellow Achievement Committee members, for your time and consideration in reviewing this submission.

Yours in the Bond,

Brother Julian A. Bobb, Polemarch

Brother Gregory Thomas, Awards Committee Chairman

New York Alumni Chapter

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated

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